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Starting a Middle School Student Council

Found In: Club Activity

A huge resource for a middle school student council advisor is the high school student council advisor(s) in your district. Many of the activities that are done at the high school level can be scaled down for use at the middle school. Also, never underestimate that knowledge of the students who are elected/selected to serve on the student council. Our state has regional and state student council conferences that provide a lot of information, too. In our district, the student council members perform a vareity of activities:

  • read the school announcements,
  • do campus clean-up,
  • perform community service projects, and
  • plan and run the school assemblies.

When I was the advisor, I empowered the students to do as much work as possible. Let them make decisions, and offer your sage council when necessary. The students appreciate being trusted with such a big responsibility and will rise to the occasion. Finally, there are several great books that have team-building activities and game suggestions for assemblies.



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