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Sticker Board

Found in: games; motivating students

As a specials teacher, I see my students only once or twice a week for half an hour. To motivate my classes to work hard, I have a sticker board with each classroom teacher's name on it. Every class period, each class has the opportunity to earn 3 stickers based on their ability to stay on task. If they do a great job, they get 2; a good job, 1; a poor job, 0. The third one is a bonus that is only earned by demonstrating improvement or having a perfect class period. At the end of class, we discuss their behavior and decide how many stickers they earned. Then one student gets to pick from my sticker collection and we put up the appropriate number of stickers next to their classroom teacher's name on the sticker board. When a class reaches a certain number of stickers, they get a Game Day during which we play music games for the whole class.


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