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Stocking Your Class Library

September 15, 2004

It was only in the last few years of my teaching career that I truly felt I had enough variety in ability and interest level for my classroom library, thanks to the Reading a-z Web site. At this site, you will find some free downloadable books, and one can purchase a site license or individual license for some 700 books. Many titles come in both English and Spanish. Classroom libraries can be built, and copies can be made for students to keep at home. Books cover all elementary age levels, and many titles are provided by guided reading level.

Pay close attention to the company's instructions for folding the book pages to make them durable and long lasting. I also found it an advantage to use card stock for the cover pages and kept a master copy after downloading a book for quick production of extra copies. I also set my printer so that 2 pages could be printed on one for the early Guided Reading levels so mini books could be made. Printing on different colors of paper made for quick sorting by Guided Reading Levels. Yes, this took time, but it was a quick way to expand the classroom library at the right price!”



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