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Structuring Independent Reading

July 07, 2004

The team teachers I worked with while student teaching required the students to read 20 minutes per day 5 times a week. They could make up time on the weekend but could only read 20 mins per day for credit. The students kept track of their reading times and dates in their planner. Once a week (usually Mondays) the planners were checked for a parent signature, which meant the parent/guardian witnessed the reading for the 5 days in the previous week. Each month on a Friday, the students who did not miss any time were rewarded with a movie and games in one of the teacher's classroom. The ones who didn't were given reading comprehension assignments in the other teacher's classroom. (They had to read a short story and answer about 5 questions.) The free time was usually the last hour of the school day. A similar assignment was done throughout the school with different requirements for the early grades. It seemed to work well. Those who didn't get to have the fun usually were sure to read the next month.


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