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Student Creation

Our students use nouns, adjectives and participles to create a diamond-shaped document about themselves. They open a word processing document and follow these directions: * Do not change the font, size or alignment until instructed to do so. * On the first line, type your first name. * On the second line, type two adjectives that describe yourself. * On the third line, type three participles that describe yourself. * On line four, type four nouns that describe you. * On line five, type three participles. * On line six, type two adjectives that describe you. * On line seven, type your name again. * Now change the font to the student's choice. * Change the font size to between 18-20. * Highlight all text and center align it. * Use the thesaurus to change words. Make sure each line doesn't wrap to a second line. If this happens, the font is too large. * Use spell check to verify correct spelling. * View print preview. * Print the document. * Save the document to the student's disk. If you have access to the digital camera, you can insert a picture of each student at the bottom of their work, or you can cut and paste an actual photograph.


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