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Student Graded Tests

October 03, 2007

This suggestion comes from 28 years in the classroom. 1) Design tests that can be graded on a Scantron. 2) Design quizzes that can be graded by the students. I tell them to hold up their test in the air. Then I choose either to pass it back or forward one seat. That student then marks a large X on the ones that are empty or incomplete. Then I go over the questions on the board and overhead so the kids see right then and there where they went wrong. The students' papers get marked with a stipulation that if the grader made a mistake, 10 points will be deducted from HIS paper. This rule makes grading very accurate. The papers are returned to the original students for them to review. 3) I call up each student to give me his test and grade and it goes immediately in the book. He can then bring the test home. 4) Do not use this method if you're giving the same test to a class later on in the day. They will share their answers. Instead, collect the papers that are already graded and hand them back the next day. No more papers to bring home!


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