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Student Information Card File

At Open House or Meet the Teacher Night, I distribute index cards labeled with each student's name. I ask parents to write their current address and phone number on their child's card. I also ask each parent to write anything special that I should know about their child, including information about their child's allergies to their child's special talents. Sometimes the students are reluctant to share that they can play the piano or the violin, that they can speak a second language, or that they are afraid of spiders or bees. If I know this ahead of time, I can encourage those with musical ability to share their talents, I can ask a student to translate a passage into another language, and I know who might become uncomfortable when a bee flys into the room! Parents can also list any areas where they would like to see their child improve or list any special needs that their child has. They can list any questions that I may not address that night as well so that I can respond to them directly. I use these cards throughout the year to make notes about the student's progress. I refer to these cards before parent teacher conferences to make sure that I address any of the concerns that the parents listed. It's a great way to gain insight into each student's needs and learn valuable information about the students.


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