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Student Survey

Found in: building trust & community; icebreakers; learning students' names

With 150 students, it's hard to get to know their names quickly. I start off the year with a student survey. The questionnaire is copied double sided, has a space for a student picture, and asks students questions about themselves, favorite books, interests and other information that helps me get to know them. I have a student helper go around the room and take a digital picture of each child. After school I print all the pictures on the school computer. On the second day of class, I have the students find their picture and glue it to the box on the front of the form. I take the surveys home over the weekend and study their names. To prepare for back-to-school night, the students place this survey and a letter they've written to their parents in their writing folder. After back-to-school night, the surveys go into a 3 ring binder on the bookshelf. With 150 students on our team, the students really enjoy reading about their classmates all year long!


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