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Study Hall Attendance

Found in: routines & procedures

Our school has an alternate-day schedule, which causes three groups of students to be in study hall:

* Every day students

* Monday, Wednesday, and alternate Fridays students

* Tuesday, Thursday, and alternate Fridays students.

To assist in quick attendance, I color code students according to which day they should be in the room, and write all the names on one seating chart. Every day I overlay a blank transparency over the chart and cross students off who are in their seat when the bell rings. This allows me to catch those students who may sneak in tardy and identify who is not in the room.

As student passes come in from the library or other classrooms, I can write the location on the transparency. This way, if the office is trying to locate a student who is assigned to my study hall, I know exactly where he/she is. I date the transparency, and keep it about a week, so I always have a record of who was where.

I have found this to be very quick and efficient.


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