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Study Hall/Time Out

February 15, 2006

Our four fourth grade classes have a rotating study hall/time out schedule. One of the four teachers stays in to keep study hall/time-out during recess. A child is required to stay inside for misbehaving or failing to turn in homework. The students have to write a parent note to be signed and returned. They're assigned study hall to catch up on missed work, or if they elect to do homework because of an upcoming busy night. Those who were absent the previous day or partial day are assigned study hall to catch up on missed work. Missing recess is not popular among 10 year olds. As a result, attendance is not a problem. They usually tell their parents they don't want to miss school because they have to miss recess if they do. We explain this policy at Parent Night when school begins. An added plus is that the rotating teacher who has to stay in to keep study hall/time-out has twenty minutes to do paperwork.


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