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Sundae Celebrations

Found in: holiday; lunchtime; parent involvement

I have monthly celebrations that parents are invited to attend. These celebrations are tied to a study learning or research activity. For example, September is National Ice Cream month. My students work with a partner in the library 'fact finding' information on ice cream. At first, they need lots of assistance but get fairly independent as the year progresses. The partners then give a videotaped oral presentation, averaging three minutes. On the day of our celebration, parents are invited for lunch in the classroom. While we eat sandwiches and veggies (often donated by a local grocery store), the parents watch their children's presentations. Then we have dessert, ice cream sundaes for which the children and parents bring the ingredients! My husband will make copies of the presentations for parents who want them. We make a CD with all the presentations at the end of the school year. Parents love these celebrations! We hold the presentations at lunch time, which allows many parents to attend and helps them connect with their child, the school, and the teacher. These presentations are a big win in my book.


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