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Survival Kits

Found In: back to school, building trust & community, icebreakers

When students arrive for class, I have a brown lunch bag on each desk. In each bag is a:

  • toothpick - to remind them to pick out the good quality in others;
  • rubber band - to remind them to be flexible, as things may not always go as they want;
  • Band-aid - to remind them to mend hurt feelings;
  • mint - to remind them that they are worth a mint;
  • chocolate kiss - to remind them that everyone needs a kiss or a hug everyday;
  • pencil - to list their blessings;
  • eraser - to remind them that everyone makes mistakes but that it's okay;
  • piece of chewing gum - to remind them to stick with it and they can accomplish anything; and,
  • a tea bag - to relax daily and reflect on the positive things in their lives.

These are the students' Survival Kits for everyday living. This activity opens up the class for discussions on class rules and respect on the first day.



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