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Swapped Papers

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On the day that my students turn in a major paper, I have a mini-conference with each of them as they hand in the paper. I check to see that the paper has all of the required elements. This takes just a minute or two because I skim the paper. As I spot any problems, I tell the student about what I see that could be done better. I tell the students that their paper is in on time and that I will accept it, but they can swap me a corrected copy the next day if they want to fix the things that I noticed that needed correcting. Ninety percent of my students bring in a paper to swap the next day. I love this because they do a rewrite even before I have put a pencil to their papers. When I do grade them, they are easier to correct because the obvious problems are no longer present. The students are happy because their grades are based on the swapped paper, not the one that came in the first day.


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