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TV Generation

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With today's kids spending more time in front of the TV than ever before, I have decided, 'If I can't beat em', join em'.' Through the uses of technology I use my classroom computer to take notes with the students. As I type in the information, it is projected onto the TV screen. When I would traditionally turn to the chalkboard to write, I now turn to my computer. The kids love it. I can change font, size, bold print, or underline to emphasize important parts of the lesson, and I can change colors to add fun to the task of note taking. What is best of all is that I can print out these notes when we're done and give them to any students who are having trouble keeping up or any students that were absent and didn't get the notes. The kids are drawn to the TV. Why not use it as a tool for learning instead of just an idiot box?


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