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Taking Notes at the Zoo

Found in: field trips; note taking

On a field trip, it's usually difficult for students to take notes because they have to juggle notepaper or clipboards at each exhibit. When we go to the zoo, they make 4x6 index card books that work very well. Before the trip, I give each student copies of animal pictures printed from CD-ROMs. They cut these out, label the animal with their generic name and then paste them onto the blank side of index cards. On the lined side, they make space for the information I want them to get at the zoo. They make a cover, punch holes in the top left corner and attach the cards to make a book. At the zoo, they only have to turn up the card of the animal they are looking at and flip it over to write on the back. No more missing and torn pages and the students have a book to take home. It works so well that I plan to use the idea in other subjects.


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