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Teach Me Tuesdays

Found in: building trust and community

Each week I choose a child to present something to the class he or she knows how to do. Students have shared a craft, sports, cooking, sign language, etc. with the class. The point is that they get to be in charge, speak before the group, demonstrate something, and answer questions from the class. The entire class gets to know each student's special interests and abilities.

I send the details home in a note with the chosen child and give them a week to prepare. I have learned so much about my students this way, and their peers see some kids, who don’t always shine in academics, in a new light. I have also had the rest of the class write about the presentation or send a feedback note to the presenter.

An extension is to make a class book of all of the Teach Me Tuesday presentations with photos for the class to enjoy over and over again. Use summaries written by the class to make a group summary for the book.


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