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Teacher Name Badges

January 22, 2003

Our school district uses name badges that hang from lanyards (our classroom door keys hang from the lanyards too). The lanyards are usually custom made with the school's name on them (and are in the school's colors). It has been an effective and simple tool to increase safety because it is easy to identify those adults in the school who are NOT staff. The visitors are quickly escorted to the office to get a visitor's badge or large sticker (if they haven't already done so). The teachers do not mind wearing them at all, and most are proud to wear them at can see who comes from which school. The badges have a clip on them which gives staff an alternative to the lanyard. On the back of each photo-name ID badge is the address of our human resources offices in case it is lost and it can be mailed back. By the way, we also have a free standing board near the front entrance that tells all visitors to stop at the office before entering the rest of the building.


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