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Teaching Students to use Email

I show students how to use email using heart chain messages. We discuss how positive thoughts make all of us feel good. I send messages to the students and they are required to check their email daily. I pick two students to start the chain and send them the following message: 'This heart note is for ____________. Please add a special thought about this person to the note and send it on to another student in the class. Please send me a copy of the note, as you will get a check in the gradebook when I receive the copy. Forward this to a student that has not received it yet, but do not forward it to the student that you are writing about. If you are the last classmate to receive the message, forward it to me and I will pass it on to the complimented student.' These messages have been known to make a student's day! It's an easy way to teach email concepts and make my students feel good at the same time.


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