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Teaching with TV

November 26, 2007

My earliest memories of television being using as a teaching tool was when we went to the cafeteria together with several other classes to watch Mr. Wizard as part of our science lesson for that week. Yes, this dates me back to the sixties, but I remember those programs vividly because I was very much a visual and kinesthetic learner. Today, as a teacher, television is still a valuable tool. I have used the History Channel series such as The Revolution to reinforce lessons in the text. As a follow up activity, students were given a person of that time to portray in our class Town Meeting to decide to side with the Loyalists or the Patriots. We worked on propaganda posters to reinforce our positions, and those posters were displayed around the room. Television programming can act as an invaluable tool in the classroom, and I am glad to see that we no longer have to take our classes en masse to the cafeteria, but instead can utilize this technology tool in our own classrooms as needed. Visual / auditory reinforcement of lessons provides another avenue in which teachers can present information, and allows for increased enthusiasm from the students.


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