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The Goof Jar

This is a wonderful method to keep students focused even on the details of lessons, an understanding that everyone makes mistakes and that it's okay and acceptable to make mistakes because that is how we learn. The Goof Jar is a wonderful thing. Everyone makes mistakes, especially me. Lots of them. You need to keep an eye on me. Here is how it works. During class, I make a mistake. You politely raise your hand and say, 'Oh Ms. Trabucco... you made a goof.' And I'll say, 'Oh?' You show me where. If I did make a mistake, I have to put a penny in the goof jar. However, if I did not make a mistake, you put a nickel in the jar. Throughout the school year, I will keep a tally of the Goofs for each class. Whichever class has the most Goofs per quarter will be treated to brownies. They happen to be particularly delicious, chocolaty and yummy. At the end of the year, I will donate the money to a good cause. The class has donated to the Thanksgiving Fund and the 9/11 Fund.


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