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Tobacco Awareness

We were asked to spend some time on Tobacco Awareness and I came up with the activity, 'Making a Cigarette' using this short list of poisons emitted when smoking a cigarette: arsenic (found in rat poisons); ammonia (used to clean toilet bowls and floors); carbon monoxide (found in car exhaust); tar (used in roofing and waterproofing); and, nicotine (an addictive drug). We discuss and ask for descriptions of each to make sure everyone knows what each ingredient is. On an 18 x 24 piece of white construction paper, my students write and illustrate the ingredients list. We discuss each item again, turn the paper over and holding it lengthwise, draw a straight line about 2-4 from one end and a curvy line about the same distance from the other end. We color one end like a burning end and the other like a filter. We then roll the paper with the writing to the inside and tape the roll to resemble a large lighted cigarette. The students could now go home and share with their families what is found in cigarettes. We then have an oral pop quiz, and Tobacco Awareness stickers are given to the students for correct answers. If you have a more extensive list of poisons, please share it with me.


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