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Topical Talking

January 07, 2004

I got this idea from a fellow special ed. teacher. We have many students who frequently want to talk about subjects that are completely unrelated to the lesson at hand, and it can be very disruptive. I used a piece of 9x12 construction paper to make a sign titled 'Talking.' Under that, I wrote 'Topic' and 'Timing.' I drew the T's of each word in big bubble letters. Because most of my students are low readers, by each word I glued a picture from a clip art program, with an appropriate phrase or sentence. By 'Talking' is a little picture with the words, 'talking in class.' By 'Topic' is a little picture of a teacher with the sentence, 'Are you talking about the topic of the lesson?' By 'Timing' is a picture of a face and a clock with the sentence, 'Is this an okay time to talk?'


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