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Traveling Through the Solar System

September 04, 2007

I have a wall that looks like the solar system that I use to encourage good behavior. The students each have an astronaut with their name on it. Every morning the students start on Earth or further out if they've earned it previously. They move their astronauts as I direct them to, based on their appropriate or inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior moves them closer to the sun and gives them a poor mark in conduct for the day but they start at Earth again the next day. For positive reinforcement, the students get to move their astronauts down a planet each time they earn recognition form me. When a student makes it all the way to Pluto, the student wins a treat. If every student turns in homework, the whole class moves their astronaut down one planet. This puts more pressure on some of the students to do their assignments. The class really works hard to get to Pluto and the reward is not very expensive on my part.


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