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Video Autobiography

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Each of my students creates a video autobiography. I've used this activity with all ages from elementary to high school. I use a VCR, TV/monitor, macro camera, and an audiocassette or CD player.

Students gather material to include in their videotapes, including photos, awards, dolls/stuffed animals, and other 3-D items. Students organize these materials in a logical sequence. It could be pre-school days, elementary years, life in middle school, etc.

The taping procedure includes placing pictures or items under the macro camera and taping them for 3 or 4 seconds. Afterward, we add music and other audio by dubbing it with the cassette or CD player. We add titles by videotaping hand-drawn or computer-generated hard copies with the macro camera. Schools with more elaborate editing equipment can create more elaborate projects. This is a wonderful activity for students to learn more about their families and for the teacher to get insight into students' lives.


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