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Vocabulary Frisbee

This game could work with any subject that requires knowing vocabulary words. I have the students define all the words needed in the chapter and then put the students into groups of three or four. I give each group two to four of the chapter's vocabulary words. The definition for the words is pre-written on white paper plates. I sail a definition to one of the groups and they check to see if it belongs to their words. If it does, they keep the plate. If it is not one of their words, they toss it to another group. As soon as one group has all the definitions to their words, they are declared the winning team and they read their group's words and definitions for all to hear. I continue in this manner until all the words are matched with their definition. I give out second, third and fourth place prizes. Any small token prize or points for each team's members makes it more fun for the students. There's always laughing and learning going on for this one. I usually follow up with a quiz on the words the next day.


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