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Vocabulary/Spelling Review

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Like many teachers across the country, I give spelling tests on Fridays. My class does a special word review in the middle of the week to prepare for the test.

This is a twenty to thirty minute activity in which they use the words. I put the kids' desks in groups. I walk around the room with the words from the week's list and secretly give each kid one while saying, 'Pick one and only one from this stack!' I then ask him/her to 'pantomime' or 'draw' or 'sentence'. This means the student must think of a charade for the word, draw a clue for the definition on a slate, or write a sentence on the slate using the word but drawing a blank line in place of the actual word. When everyone has a word, we're ready to play the game.

One person starts. His table cannot guess his clue at first but the other groups can. The right answer on the first guess gets 3 points. The right answer on the second guess gets 2 points. A home table guess gets only 1 point. Whoever gets it right has to say the word and spell it for 2 more points. I have them check their homework at the same time to see if they spelled it right so they won't learn it incorrectly. While one student calls it out, everyone finger spells it.

The person who guessed the word right and spelled it right comes to the front to give the next clue. If time runs out, they can just give clues to their groups. This has proven to be a fun study review for my class each week.


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