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Walkie-Talkie Lockdown

July 02, 2003

If there is an intruder in the building or on school grounds, and our school needs to impose a lockdown, here is what we do. Our P.E. teachers, and any other teacher that is not in his/her classroom during the day, wear walkie-talkies. The office personnel or administration can connect with them instantly to let them know when we are having any kind of emergency. They know what area to go to wherever their location on campus. The data operator also posts a list of who has a sub for the day. If we have a lock down, the sub looks at a campus map to see the closest room to go to. Our doors open to outside corridors. Subs do not have keys. The janitor unlocks the doors for them. If I know the teacher next to me is absent that day, I make sure the sub knows to come into my room. We have portables at our school. In Florida we have emergency plans for inclement weather too. All teachers in portables have to go to an assigned classroom in the closest corridor. When I taught second grade, my class was assigned to the pre-schoolers. It actually helped my 28 second graders to have to be a helper to a little 3/4 year old. It got cramped and we didn't have a bathroom in our classroom, but we made it! If you have a safety committee you might pass on some of these suggestions to them.


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