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Word Wall

I have a word wall of all the spelling words we've had throughout the year. I write the words on eight inch sentence strips on card stock weight paper. I color code lists for my different spelling different groups by using colored word cards. Throughout the year I add to the list, keeping all the words in alphabetical order. I attach the words to each other using Velcro and then hang them from plastic coat hangers hanging on ceiling hooks. I fold one long sentence strip over the coat hanger and put four Velcro strips on that sentence strip so I can hang two strings of word cards on each hanger. I start the year with one hanger with the first spelling list divided onto the two strings. Each week I add the new words in alphabetical order. When the strings get too long, I add another hanger. By the end of the year I have about eight hangers with all the spelling words from the year. The students use them for easy reference and I know which words each group had. We also use this word list for spelling bees by having the spellers stand with the word wall behind them.


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