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Book Choice Increases Reading Stamina

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I have found that the best way to help my 4th-grade students improve reading stamina is to help them find books that they really want to read. Often I read books that I think might interest my students and then do a little book review in class. I tell students a little about the story and how much I loved the book; I might even read a passage to them. It is amazing how many of them are racing to find available copies from our classroom bookshelves or the library. When the kids get the taste of a good book, they want more. They love coming in and showing me what they got at the library, especially when it’s a book we’ve read an excerpt from in class.

I think most kids don’t want to read because they have been bored by what they have been required to read in the past. Let the kids select their own books (with little assistance of course) and give them time to read EVERY DAY. It doesn’t take too long for them to be able to read for longer periods of time when they are excited about the book they have. When it comes time to read something a little more boring (like a test), they will have at least developed the ability to read for a longer period of time and will find it easier to stay on task.


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