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Break for Reading with a Buddy

Found in: motivating students; sustained silent reading

After recess and bathroom breaks we have a 15-minute silent reading time. Our students are allowed to choose a book and a book buddy. These buddies are a collection of pillow pets, stuffed animals of various sizes, and even a wooden giraffe that they can hold or cuddle while reading. They love it! Every student makes sure to have one. We also have bean bag chairs, floor rockers, and other large pillows that students use on a rotating basis during that time. If someone decides to play or be noisy instead of read, they do lose their buddy or special chair. That seldom occurs.

Sometimes students pour through picture books, get involved in a chapter book, or chose their Science or Social Studies book. We get many new books from the library pertaining to a topic we are teaching, and students get really excited about those. We show examples and give summaries of the new books. The silent reading time works so well because my co-teacher imparts her enthusiasm and love of books to the students. I've never seen a whole class love literature as much as these students.



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