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Celebrating the Five Senses

February 01, 2011

This to teach or review the 5 senses can be used with any primary grades, preschool, and perhaps even elementary students. Pre-cut, or have students cut, a sheet of finger paint paper (or construction paper) into a heart shape. Have the student wash their hands. Put a small spoonful of red Jell-O powder on each heart. Tell the students not to touch it. Discuss the color and the body part used to determine the color. Have students inhale. If doing this in science class, teach them to waft. Discuss the scent and the body part. Have them touch the dry Jell-O and discuss the texture and the body part. Do not allow them to say that their fingers are feeling the texture. It is their skin! Have them close their eyes and be silent as they rub the powder, discussing the sounds and body part. Using a squirt bottle, get the powder wet. Discuss the changes in color, scent, texture, and sound. Have them paint the entire heart with the wet Jell-O, rewetting, as needed. Finally, allow them to lick their fingers. Discuss the taste and body part. Can they feel the Jell-O on their tongues? They are using the SKIN on their tongue to feel. The Jell-O will dry on the hearts and can leave an interesting dried texture and a slight scent.



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