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Classroom Farming Activities

April 12, 2012

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Nothing can beat going to a real farm. “Farms” that are really zoos are not the same and can be misleading. If you cannot go to a farm, here are a few ideas for bringing the farm into the classroom:

  1. Plant something. Either germinate lima beans in a Ziploc bag and transfer them to soil OR plant a garden outside. You may be able to get your local Master Gardeners to help.
  2. Borrow chicks. Some co-ops / feed stores sell chicks to farmers. Ask if you can borrow 2 chicks for a week. You'll need a box lined with newspaper, a tiny water bowl, and a food bowl. You can get feed from the store. You also need a light source to keep them warm. I used a "grow-light" used for growing plants indoors. The chicks will visibly grow in just a week! The kids can hold and feed them.
  3. Set up a pumpkin patch. In fall, get straw/hay and pumpkins. Sometimes you can find farmers or local stores that will donate items or give you a discount. Create a patch in a remote area on your school grounds. If possible, get someone with an open trailer, fill it with hay, and have a hay ride out to the patch. (Permission slips needed, of course.)
  4. Show and Tell. Ask a farmer, pet owner, or an animal shelter if they have any farm animals they could bring to your classroom.
  5. Visit a grocery store. Look at the produce and talk about where it came from. Then look at canned and frozen foods and talk about how the food gets from the farm into those packages.
  6. Make a cow from a box. Paint it white and black and add a head, tail and legs. Make a udder using a white plastic glove. Fill it with milk. Place a bucket under the udder. Poke a tiny hole in one finger and let kids sit on a stool and milk the cow.
  7. Get an incubator and hatch eggs. Just be prepared for some to go bad.



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