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Easy Button Rewards

July 18, 2012

Found In: discipline, motivating students, building trust & community

I am not a huge fan of material rewards for performance. Instead, I work hard to develop a community of support for my students. My Easy Button from Staples has been a huge motivator for my second graders.

At the beginning of the year, I introduce it as a very special way to recognize children who have accomplished something remarkable. When a child is granted the privilege of hitting the Easy Button, the class stops everything, a hush ensues, and applause follows the button’s “That was easy” statement.

I love using this when children have struggled to find an answer, have persevered through challenges, or have displayed remarkable acts of good citizenship. The children LOVE having the privilege of hitting the Easy Button, and they look for opportunities to use it. At times, students will stop me after a classmate’s performance, suggesting that the classmate has earned the privilege of the Easy Button. They learn quickly the satisfaction of a job well done and of recognition from their peers.



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