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Using Exact Nouns and Livelier Verbs

November 24, 2014

Found In: grammar & punctuation, language arts

The traditional grammar lessons of “my day” certainly were boring. Counting errors to deduct from 100% did not make writers take any compositional risks, either!

I incorporate lessons on grammar, mechanics, parts of speech, diction, etc. into the core writing process. So students learn to call an adjective an adjective within the context of their writing as they draft, review and revise their work.

As they write, I ask children to find “exact nouns” and “livelier verbs.” We move on to add colorful adjectives and adverbs. Younger children can do peer review and admire the substitution of “oak” for “tree” or mention missing end marks. These same things come up during writers’ conferences with the teacher. I can demonstrate to the whole class an error made in a finished piece. This week it was using an apostrophe to create a plural.


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