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Filing Mail and Paperwork

August 03, 2010

Here’s how I stay on top of all my paperwork. I take care of mail in the office when I retrieve it from my mailbox. I throw away junk mail, sign and return items that requires my signature, and then return to my room with any remaining items, which I sort in my Read & Respond, File, and Due Today baskets. I also have an open file bin (a milk crate) for my students' folders. I use that to organize the important math and writing papers for their portfolios, and to save any others I might need.

I have a separate file bin for all union papers and personal job related items — professional development certificates, evaluations, resumes, letters of recommendations, etc. I keep a 3-ring binder for each of the committee meetings I attend. After each meeting I immediately hole-punch all papers, including notes, and file them.

For instructional papers, I have a large office paper sorter. I label sections with each subject and put any related handouts for my class with the most current on top. I keep it above the students' mailboxes so that I can pull out their homework quickly and otherwise have my daily practice sheets handy.



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