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Introduce Students With Snapshots

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During the first days of school, getting to know students is critical for educators. Of prime importance is attaching names to faces. Teachers can have up to six or seven classes of students, with some students having the same name, and all expecting to be recognized as individuals. Remembering a student’s name is the first step in building a relationship that can make a year successful.

Having a photograph with a name goes a long way in speeding the process. Attaching student photos to seating charts will help the regular classroom teacher connect names to faces during the first days of school and substitute teachers during the rest of the year. For a sub, knowing a name trumps “you” any day. If you send a letter to your incoming students during the summer, you can ask them to bring a small photograph on the first day of school. Students can grow over the summer so last year’s school photos are not always the best choice. A recent snapshot works.

Alternatively, you can make photo-taking part of the opening day’s activities. Digital cameras make photography easier, faster, and cheaper. Having students photograph each other makes the process seem less like a police booking, though this might not be sensible with the youngest students.

Photo taking can become part of the getting-to-know-you process in all classes.


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