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iPhone and iPad App Reviews

April 12, 2012

Found In: technology tools, written composition, motivating students, project based learning

I work with small groups of dependent readers across the school district. I wrote a grant for 2 iPod Touches, and I use my own personal iPod Touch and my iPhone with my students. The engagement and motivation go sky high when I bring these devices out. We have a list of apps that keeps growing.

The students are the reviewers. In each session, they try an app or two from the list of “educational apps” and write a review of the app. On the form they fill out for reviewing the app, one line says “Name of reviewer.” The students always ask, “what do I write for this?” Yes, they are working on real life skills. (I just wish we had more iPod Touches. Sometimes kids must share a device, and it is not as effective.) When they finish reviewing an educational app, they can try a fun app or an app for younger students.

We are planning to turn our reviews into a guide for other kids, teachers and parents. We are going to feature this on our district website. It is fun and productive. The students are naturals with technology, and some of them are experiencing technology that they do not have opportunities to use at any other time in their day-to-day life.



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