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Keep Parents In The Picture

Found in: Parents, Parent-Teacher Communication

I find that hot coffee, donuts, muffins, or even pizzas are a welcome sight for parents, especially the work-worn arriving after a long commute from the job. It conveys to them that I care that they took time out to follow through on the conference, back-to-school night, open house, etc. However, if money is tight for the teacher, then just stick to the most welcoming gesture of all: personalize each encounter by reminding them of previously addressed concerns and how they are developing. This makes the parent feel appreciated and heard, not judged.

If the school has Teleparent or something similar, use it to inform the parent of the child’s achievements as well as discipline and work issues. Some dodging parents avoid meetings because they expect to hear only bad things.

What to do about the invisible parent who never calls back or fails to sign required paperwork? I’ve sent certified mailings to the home when all other measures have failed. The important thing is to keep your determination and be politely persistent.


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