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Overcoming Classroom Stage Fright

Found in: Oral Discourse

Say something true. In over 20 years of speaking in front of groups and teaching kids and adults how to communicate well, I have found telling the truth to be the best way to ensure a satisfied audience.

Consider the last time you attended a funeral and listened to a close friend or family member of the deceased deliver a eulogy. Did you care a wink about his or her delivery? The thing that mattered most was the honesty in the remarks. In all likelihood, the speaker stumbled, cried, or paused to gather composure. Did this detract a single iota from the sincerity of the message? Did you spend any time thinking about their delivery? To the contrary, it enhanced the message. If you make a point of speaking about something that matters to you, the audience will spend no time assessing your talents as a speaker.


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