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Pencil Box Power

Found in: Noise Control

I discovered an excellent solution to the problem of noisy pencil sharpening during class. I have a small, plastic pencil box on each desk/table. Each pencil box has two pencils, one little plastic sharpener, and one large eraser. At the end of each class, all the kids check their boxes to make sure all the items are there (and that the pencils are sharp.) One student picks up the cases and cleans out the pencil shavings.

I tell students that if they need a pencil for the rest of the day, just ask me for one instead of taking one from the box. That way, the students in the next class will have the tools they need.

There have only been three times when a student has forgotten about the system and asked, “Can I get a pencil?” I simply point to the pencil box. This makes it so kids don’t even have to get out of their desk to sharpen their pencils and surprisingly, the tools have stayed, for the most part, where they belong. No loud sharpening, no jumping up and down, no interrupting class asking for's amazing!


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