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Read to Myself

Found in: reading; sustained silent reading SSR

I adapted what I learned in "The Daily Five," by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. I call my version, RtM for Read to Myself. We do it daily. Kids know they need to have books to read every day, and the rules are:

  1. Move to your seating area (kid's choice) and immediately start reading.
  2. No talking, ever.
  3. No moving, ever.
  4. Be sure you take enough to read the entire time.

It took a little more than a week to set up and model the behavior I wanted, and we created a poster that states the reasons and rules for RtM. The Daily Five is really written for the primary grades, but it's easily adapted to the upper grades as well.

What do I hope my students learn from it? In addition to growing more vocabulary, I want my students to experience the joy of reading without having to do something with it. There are no summaries or questions to answer, just the enjoyment of reading a good book. With all the emphasis on NCLB testing, I think we've forgotten about the simple joy of reading for pleasure.


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