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Recess IEP

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When I taught preschoolers with disabilities, I did indoor recess once a week in order to focus on specific IEP objectives. Here are a few ideas which could work with other student populations as well.

  • Review nursery rhymes. For example, read ‘Jack be Nimble’ and make a candle from a toilet paper roll. Recite and jump over the candlestick. Read ‘Jack and Jill’ and use formed and flat mats to make a hill and a flat area. Crawl up and roll down.
  • Make obstacle courses. This can be done by just moving a little furniture. Here’s an example of a course: a crawl thru tunnel, roll across a mat, ride on a scooter board, stomp on bubble plastic then walk on small plastic or tin-can stilts.
  • Use indoor equipment. A bean bag toss is fun! If you don't have one, use buckets, baskets, or the like.
  • Use a small parachute. Put items on it and have children shake them off, retrieve them, and start again. Some fun shaking items are balloons, rolled socks, very soft and light toys.
  • Go on an animal walk!


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