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Rules for Success

Found in: motivating students; tracking behavior

Along with the help of the school counselor, I created Rules for Success for two difficult children I had in my class. I make up a daily checklist, divided into time periods, for the students’ individual success rules. At the end of each time period, the student himself, with a staff member, gives himself a plus or minus sign as to whether he accomplished that individual rule on the chart or not. For example, one rule could be ‘makes good choices’. If he didn't during that time period, he gets a minus.

At the end of the day, I count up the number of plus signs and figure out the student's percentage for the day. I give that student a reward that entices him/her. For example, one student wants to make a phone call to his grandfather. I keep track of the daily percentages on a monthly calendar. That way I have evidence to show at staff meetings or to parents.

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