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Secret Pal Shoebox Lunch

Found in: End of Year

For a fun activity to mark the end of the school year, we have a "shoebox lunch." Each student is given two forms to complete. One form asks the students to list their interests and hobbies, and the other asks them to list their favorite lunch choices. Each student is randomly given an empty shoebox and the two papers filled out by another student. They must keep their selection a secret. Everyone then has to decorate the shoebox with photographs, drawings, clip art, etc. with items that their ‘Secret Lunch Pal’ likes. Then, everyone makes a lunch for their pal at home and puts it in the box.

During the last week of school, we have a picnic. Students go around the circle describing their shoebox and the other students have to guess to whom it belongs. Of course, we all then devour our lunches! The kids are also welcome to include a small toy or gift for their pal. It's the only lunch that I eat all year that includes Doritos and a Hershey bar!



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