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Sight Word Practice

Found in: games; reading; vocabulary

I use sight word bingo cards to help my students with word recognition. I photocopy one bingo card on the same color cardstock for each student. Then, I photocopy the same card in a different color. Next, using one of the color sets, I cut apart the words. Each student receives a bingo card, and a set of word cutouts (of a different color). As the game begins, I call out the words, and the students use their cutouts to cover the sight word cards. When the words are mastered on card one, we play word bingo by flipping the cutouts to the blank sides or using cover chips.

We store the bingo sets in a gallon zip bag. Students enjoy taking their word bags home. I make extra sets in case someone loses theirs. This process continues with each bingo card until all the sight words are mastered. Then the game of bingo can be played. This idea will also work for a vocabulary list, spelling list, color word list, etc. Children enjoy games and hands-on activities.

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