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Six Ideas for a Great Finish to the School Year

Found in: Portfolios, Letter Writing, End of Year

These activities worked well for grades K-6, but it takes planning throughout the year to make them meaningful. Modify and adapt to make them student friendly depending on age and ability of your students.

  • Facilitate as students finish up and compile projects for Keepsake Portfolios, which include “artifacts” from each subject area. These should be creative projects—no worksheets!
  • Moderate a discussion of what they liked best and the least about the school year, and finish up with what they “will remember fondly.” If you do this at the start of the last week, the list can be typed up, printed out, and given to students for their portfolios.
  • Write a letter of introduction to the next teacher. The letter should include the usual favorite book, leisure time activity (for fun!), etc. Also include information on “how I learn best” and what I like the most and the least about school.
  • Put together art portfolios, which include their favorite art projects throughout the year. These are collected during the year by students and placed in collection portfolios.
  • Take lots of pictures, make sure to label with student names, put together a memory album for yourself, and remember it's okay to cry when the last student waves goodbye and is on the way to summer vacation.
  • Accept that invite to an end of the year party!


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