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Sticky Practice Quiz Questions

Found In: pairing & grouping, review & test prep, routines & procedures

I use sticky notes to assign problems to students when reviewing for a quiz or test. I start by writing math problems on a smart board and assigning a number to each problem. I write numbers for each question on the back of a sticky note and stick them to my door. I make one sticky note for each student, and if I don’t have enough questions for each student, I put smiley faces on the extras.

Students grab a sticky note on their way in to my classroom and then look on the back to see which problem they are responsible for solving. Students with a smiley face can solve a problem of their choice if they really want to go to the board and do one, or they can choose to not do a question and sit back and observe. They can also be used by other students to “phone a friend.”

This method works well and makes the assignment of questions random. This method can also be used to group students, etc. I go through a lot of sticky notes in a year.


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