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Successful Substitute Procedures

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I tried many, many different strategies for helping substitutes take over my class when I was absent due to illness or school business. One of the most successful procedures was to first practice this with each class and then leave the form and instructions in my sub folder.

Here’s what I did: I told the students that they would be rated 1 to 10 with 10 being a perfect class. If they got less than an 8, they would get extra work when I returned. The sub was instructed to leave the period number and class rating on the board for me with a list of any students who were particularly disrespectful or off task. This worked so well that the subs would mention it to me when they were subbing in other classes. On the few occasions when a class got less than an 8 on the day I returned, I gave them a chance to earn back enough points so they would not have extra work. This also worked very well. If a class got a 10, then they either got some extra points or free time.

I could not count on the substitute being able to teach pre-algebra, so I made sure review work was always ready before I left the night before, even if I changed it the next day. At least something was ready so the substitute could get acclimated.



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