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Tech Tools To Engage Students

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We shared some really great simple free tech ideas to engage our students at a recent professional development session:

  1. Padlet: You can make a pin board, or a Twitter-like feed. Students don't need an account, just the link you create. Homework, formative assessments, questions. Use in place of posters or wipe boards. They can post videos and pictures as well. Here's one of mine so you can see what you can do with it. and here's my padlet on how to create a padlet
  2. Kahoot: A fun way to give a formative assessment, pre-assessment or survey. It’s multiple choice and rewards speed.
  3. Go Noodle: A place for movement and brain breaks (energize or calm your students, engage their dendrites). It's geared towards elementary school, but I know my eighth graders will love these.

This tip comes courtesy of the Middle School Strategies group on NEA’s edCommunities, a virtual professional learning community where educators can exchange ideas and resources. Sign up for free to find more tips in the Works4Me group, share your ideas, and connect with educators across the country.


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