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Three Ways to Recycle and Reuse Holiday Cards and Calendars

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Lynn Cashell

For years I have collected holiday cards from my colleagues to use to make gift tags. Using decorative scissors, cut the images from the front of the card into rectangles and other shapes large enough to write a greeting. Punch a hole in a corner, insert a ribbon, and you have a lovely gift card. My service club makes them for families who may not be able to afford extras at the holidays.

Our art teacher loves used calendars for use in class as collages, or inspiration for projects. I have also used the photos for Writer's Workshop character studies, settings, etc, depending on the subject matter.

Elizabeth Ahlgren
I cut up my expired calendars and put them in our copy room for others to use on their bulletin boards. Of course my calendars are all tigers and that's our school mascot. I keep the pictures I like the best and then offer the rest up for grabs. Everyone can have some school spirit and my calendar art doesn't go to waste. I often laminate the heavy covers to use for file folders or for folders for materials I need to carry around the campus.

Kay S.

I use old calendars to help preschool students recognize numbers and use the individual date area to practice writing them.


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